Information for Support Acts

Information for supporting acts

Who is TKASG?

We are an independent promoter of live music. We love live music and everything we do is designed to create the best and most exciting boutique shows possible. Our shows are a real labour of love.

We promote in Middlesbrough, Stockton on Tees , Newcastle upon Tyne and occasionally in York and Leeds. We have also previously promoted in Camden, London.

We promote shows at venues ranging from 100 to 1600 capacity.

We are also co-owners and co-promoters of the 1000 capacity Twisterella Festival along with our festival partner, Henry Carden.

Our booking policy.

Our booking policy is quite simple really in that we only book acts that we like.
We have a broadly eclectic and left-field music taste centred around the main genres of Indie, Indie-folk & Americana.  Occasionally we throw in something a bit different just to keep everyone on their toes. Please note that we do not book tribute acts or cover bands under any circumstances.

How do I get a support slot?

Please note that we operate a 14-day rule for all shows and for SFNB. For Twisterella it’s a minimum 28 day rule. If that doesn’t suit you then we wouldn’t be interested in working with you.

First and foremost, the integrity of each bill is of paramount importance to us and we always aim to select supporting acts that are the best fit for the show. We keep a close eye and ear on the regional music scene and are always keen to support developing acts who are working hard and doing the right things.

Please remember that we are a left-field promoter. If you’re not sure then please look at who we have promoted in the past and judge for yourself whether or not your music is suitable. If it’s not quite right for us then there are plenty of other good local promoters who will probably be able to help. A list of regional promoters can be found via places such as the Generator website. If they don’t want to book you then why not rise to the challenge yourself and have a go at putting on your own night? We’d thoroughly recommend it as a highly effective way to lose money but you’ll have great fun whilst doing it. Seriously.

We book and promote original acts only and, as mentioned, we do not book cover bands or tribute acts under any circumstances, so if you fall into this category then please don’t bother to get in touch as it would just be a waste of your time as well as ours. Sorry if that seems a bit harsh – it’s not meant to be.

The fourteen day rule.

We ask all local/regional supports who commit to one of our shows to support a fourteen day rule and not play another local show (including festival appearances) for a minimum of the fourteen days either side of a TKASG show. Please understand that this is not meant as a restraint of trade but is done merely with the aim of protecting the integrity of our show and to ensure that things are fresh for the audience. A number of the other main venues and promoters are electing to do this now and, in truth, it’s better for all concerned. We also expect you to regularly push the show with your fanbase and friends. We’re not asking you to do the job of the promoter (we’ll take care of that bit…) but we do expect you to take some ownership of the show. It’s in everybody’s interests that you bring a few people down to support you.

In return, our supports get well looked after and regularly get to share the stage with acts from places such as Seattle, Portland, Boston, Oklahoma, Minneapolis and even Sunderland. You also get to play to a truly supportive, discerning crowd of music lovers – they’re our greatest ambassadors btw and we love every one of them… All in all it’s a damn good deal we think.

Why is there a need to do this?

We ask people to pay good money to come to our shows and it’s only right that punters should get fair deal. As a support act you play an integral and crucial part in how people perceive their evening. We also need to ensure that we protect our investment – it takes a lot of time, effort and money to successfully stage a show. Don’t believe us? Then have a go yourself. In Manchester many venues operate a 21 day rule so an absolute minimum of 14 days is pretty fair we think.

Right, we hear you and we’re still up for this so what’s the best way to get a show?

By far and away the best way to secure a show is to send us a link along with a one sheet along with a brief, personalised email. We will have a listen to your music and if we like what we hear then we’ll look to see what we can do to possibly put you on the bill of a suitable show at some stage in the future. We do get inundated with requests and can’t reply to them all but we will do our best to get back to you if we can.

If you’ve got to the end of this then thanks for reading and please remember that it’s all about the music.

Guest List Policy

Headline Acts

Limited to the following:

One guest per band member

No more than two people from any one organsisation

Any guest to be agreed with promoter/promoter’s rep no later than 30 minutes before doors.

Please note that guests are asked to pay a voluntary donation to our nominated charity.

Support Acts

We don’t offer guest list places for supports.

From time to time we will offer reduced priced entry lists for family/close friends of support acts.

tkasg at hotmail dot co dot uk